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Martin, TN

Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone wants large hedges along their house. A homeowner in Martin, TN decided they had had enough hedge trimming, and wanted to replace her large shrubs with smaller ones. This would provide her with a more maintenance free landscape, but it also serves to accent the stone elements on the exterior walls of the house. Additionally we were asked to provide landscape lighting to show off the stone at night, and a new irrigation system to make the landscape still more maintenance free. 

We pruned/trimmed the existing Japanese maple and readied the grasses for winter. With the larger bushes removed and out of the way,  we were able to plan and install the Hunter Irrigation system and lights by FX Luminaire.  Then we planted smaller bushes including Blue Point Junipers, Little Lime Hydrangeas, Nandinas, Dwarf Yaupons and heuchera. Fresh beds of mulch finished off the project.

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The front of a stone house with a fresh mulch bed.
A large mulch bed extending from the front of the house around to the side.
Entryway to house with red door and fresh mulch beds.
Side yard with mulch beds and brick wall.
Night time image of the side of a house, lit up by landscape lighting.
Night time image of house lit up by landscape lighting.
The front of a stone house with a fresh mulch bed.
Side yard with mulch beds and brick wall.

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