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Hiring an average landscaping and lawn care team for your Greenfield, Tennessee property is helpful. When completed, you have a lovely garden and beautiful flowers. But if you’re a Moeller Lawn & Landscape customer, you sit back, relax, and gaze at the endless beauty across your entire garden. Do you want help or a personal oasis? Contact us today!

Landscape Planting Solutions For Greenfield, TN Homes

As far back as we can remember, perennials have been a popular and reliable flowering plant across Tennessee. The number one reason for this is how these plants return season after season without fail. If your landscape has perennials, you’ve seen how they blossom and discovered what hurts them. To help your plants thrive, we’ve provided some helpful solutions.

Easy Plants To Maintain

A considerable benefit of perennials is how easy they are to maintain. Perennials, for the most part, require little maintenance. Though they remain in the ground and come back year after year, they are not free from insects or disease. With their longevity, they are prime targets for various types of problems. The moment you spot an issue, contact us immediately for help.

Buying Your Plants

To prevent disease or infestation, we will recommend buying the healthiest looking plants available. Healthy plants are stronger and more robust. With a hardy perennial, it is difficult for fungi or bacteria to affect it. If you do not purchase your plants from Moeller Lawn & Landscape, inspect the plants thoroughly and ask if they are disease-resistant.

Inspecting Your Plants

Once your perennials get planted, inspect them daily. What you’re looking for is insect infestation or any signs of disease. Look for wilted leaves, holes, or chew marks on the leaves. If you notice any problems, contact our team right away. The sooner we can diagnose the issue, it increases the chance our Moeller Lawn & Landscape team can save your plant.

Watering Your Plants

The best method when watering your perennials is at the root level. That process doesn’t invite disease, mold, or bacteria that can rapidly spread from plant to plant. Not only will this keep water from puddling on the leaves and flowers, but it also reaches the roots quickly. Taking good care of your perennials this season guarantees they’ll return next season.

Landscaping & Lawn Care In Greenfield, Tenn

When it comes to professional landscaping & lawn care in Greenfield, Tenn, our team of experts can help you increase the value of your property’s appearance. We’re happy to answer all your questions as well as provide you with a free quote. Call us: 731-571-2730 or Contact Us Here.

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