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If you’re like many Humboldt, Tennessee property owners, you’ve seen how your lawn loses its thick, lush appearance over time. You take good care of it, but areas of the turf seem lifeless in spots. Before throwing more fertilizer in the affected area, contact us today! The Moeller Lawn & Landscape team may need to aerate your grass and give it space to breathe.

Lawn Care Solutions For Humboldt Property Owners

When you spot unusual characteristics in your lawn, such as water pooling up after a rain, more pests this season than last, excessive amounts of weeds, the yard is telling you it needs your help. To the trained eye, your grass displays signs; it’s compacted, lacking air, water, and nutrients to survive. Our lawn care reboot solutions will help revive your yard before it’s too late.

How Does Your Lawn Get Compacted?

How a lawn gets compacted, most of the time, goes unnoticed. For instance, it could be daily foot traffic, vehicles driving or parking on the lawn, a family that uses the area to entertain frequently, children playing in the grass, etc. These common, everyday activities are how your lawn easily gets compacted over time.

Why Is Aerating Needed?

Our Moeller Lawn & Landscape team will often inspect a customer’s yard and find clumps of weeds growing in the lawn, standing water after a rain, tracks in the turf, and much more. Those are symptoms you have areas of your soil compacted, blocking your grass’s root system from thriving. When our team aerates your lawn, the thick, lush appearance starts to return.

What Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Grass?

Before you attempt to aerate your lawn, we recommend checking the weather first. Ideally, a nice, clear day is the best time to aerate the grass. After the process is completed, that’s the best time to overseed if you want to repair bare spots in the turf. Finally, watering after aeration gets deep into the dry areas of the soil.

Landscaping & Lawn Care In Humboldt, Tenn

When it comes to professional landscaping & lawn care in Humboldt, Tenn, our team of experts can help you increase the value of your property’s appearance. We’re happy to answer all your questions as well as provide you with a free quote. Call us: 731-571-2730 or Contact Us Here.

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