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When you want to increase your Martin, Tennessee home or commercial property’s value, look no further than your landscape’s appearance. If you have a well-manicured lawn or attractive looking landscape from Moeller Lawn & Landscape, it gets noticed immediately and helps increase its value. To get landscaping solutions for your property, contact us today!

Landscaping Solutions For Martin, Tenn. Homeowners

Our Moeller Lawn & Landscape team will often discover problems a homeowner or property manager didn’t notice. Some of the most common issues we’ve uncovered were simple mistakes or someone gave them lousy landscaping advice. Here are four common landscape problems we’ve solved for your neighbors.

How Much Water To Use?

A typical watering mistake we find is property owners applying the same amount of water to everything. Unfortunately, the amount of water a lawn needs and when to water isn’t the same for plants. If you don’t know how much water your lawn, garden, or plant needs, it can harm your landscape. A simple solution is contacting us today about healthy watering.

Understanding Planting Seasons

In our area, we have a cool season and warm season for planting. Picking the wrong time of year to plant or seed your lawn is expensive to repair. Choosing a favorite flower or tree for your yard can have devastating effects when added in the wrong season. When you contact Moeller Lawn & Landscape, we will show you the best times for planting.

When To Prune?

Your trees and shrubs will need pruning from time to time. However, topping off or lopping off large sections at the wrong time can lead to disease, unusual growth patterns, or worse. The main thing to remember, pruning is a delicate and timely process. Before you decide to trim back, give our Martin, Tennessee landscaping team a call to avoid cutting mistakes.

Where To Plant?

It is relatively easy to select a spot where you’d like to plant flowers, trees, or shrubs. But a common landscape problem we’ve seen is plants buried in soil that makes them wilt. The other issue is plant overcrowding that blocks needed sunlight. Proper soil and lighting requirements will help your landscape stay lush and give your property the curb appeal you desire.

Landscaping & Lawn Care In Martin, Tenn

When it comes to professional landscaping & lawn care in Martin, Tenn, our team of experts can help you increase the value of your property’s appearance. We’re happy to answer all your questions as well as provide you with a free quote. Call us: 731-571-2730 or Contact Us Here.

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