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Union City Landscaping & Lawn Care

When it’s time to hire lawn care professionals for your Union City, Tennessee home, or commercial property, there’s vital information you’ll want first. If you wish to increase your property’s value or enhance its curb appeal, you’ll want to grab our Free Lawn Care assessment we’ve been providing your neighbors for years. To get your hands on a copy, contact us today!

Lawn Care Solutions For Union City Homeowners

Many of our Union City, Tn. customers have good topsoil for their lawns. That natural organic material keeps their property looking beautiful. But there are times when a homeowner’s yard lacks these vital ingredients. Without it, they have to work harder to keep their lawn looking beautiful. As such, the Moeller Lawn & Landscape team has alternative solutions for a more attractive look.

When Should You Mow?

The best time for mowing your lawn is when it is cool and dry outside after the morning dew has dried, but never once the afternoon heat builds up. If you’ve watered in the morning, then wait until late afternoon or early evening to mow.

Should You Add A Hedge?

Surprisingly, planting a hedge gives your lawn a unique boundary divider for better privacy but attracts birds looking for shelter. If you want an excellent backdrop for your plants and flowers, our lawn care team can provide you with options; contact Moeller’s today!

Are Hyacinths A Good Choice?

Do you want the beauty of your garden near you? The best solution is planting hyacinths near your doors and along your walkways. Their magnificent perfume will swamp the spring air and make your garden come alive.

How Often Should You Mow?

Mowing your lawn often during the spring controls weeds. That practice prevents the spreading of invasive plants not wanted. When mowing, keep the cut high during the end of spring and into early summer. The grass blades will shade the ground, preventing crabgrass from sprouting.

Landscaping & Lawn Care In Union City, Tenn

When it comes to professional landscaping & lawn care in Union City, Tenn, our team of experts can help you increase the value of your property’s appearance. We’re happy to answer all your questions as well as provide you with a free quote. Call us: 731-571-2730 or Contact Us Here.

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